Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fantasy & Realism Bingo!

Last week I wrapped up a week of exploring Fantasy & Realism in books during Reader's Workshop. After brainstorming for a VERY long period of time (and ending up with a headache), I decided to wrap up the week by having students play Fantasy & Realism BINGO.

I made a generic BINGO board, copied it, and had the kids fill in their own spaces (Bonus: they practiced spelling fantasy & realism!).
Bingo Template

When they were finished, I grabbed a tub of books out of our classroom library and showed them the title and cover.

From there I asked them to determine if they thought the book was fantasy or realism and place a token on the corresponding square. When someone had BINGO, I checked their answers and then we reviewed what our answers should have been (I had several winners each round). I had NO idea how much the kids would enjoy playing! They even asked to play during recess!

I'm thinking the next time we talk about Fantasy & Realism, I'm going to read a "snippit" out of a book and let them guess.

What do you think? Any other ways I could change it to make it even more challenging?

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