Monday, July 11, 2011

Picture-Perfect Science, Part 1

Some of you might remember the exciting news I posted about in April when I found out that I was selected to participate in a grant that provides 3-years of science professional development to several districts in our area. Today was the first day of our 2-week summer institute - Woohoo! This week, our guest speakers are the authors Karen Ansberry and Emily Morgan. Known for their books, Picture-Perfect Science Lessons and More Picture-Perfect Science Lessons, Ansberry and Morgan wrote ready-to-teach, inquiry-based lessons that include the 5Es (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate). What I really love about their books is that I can read quality picture books to students while discussing reading strategies and science topics at the same time (and we all wish we had more time for science and social studies instruction!).

During our session today, we talked about (and tried!) several lessons from Picture-Perfect Science Lessons and discussed how the 6 reading strategies from Strategies that Work (Harvey and Goudvis) tied in with the lessons. Lessons from Picture-Perfect are engaging and exciting with hands-on activities - "Turtle Hurdles" included using fortune-tellers (who remembers those from elementary school?!) to practiced new information. If your librarian or principal asks for PD book suggestions this year, I strongly encourage you to suggest the 2 Picture-Perfect books. *Note: I'm sure there are copyright laws on the Picture-Perfect books, therefore, I will not be posting anything from their books right now. But don't worry! I'm going to ask them if it would be okay if I post a few bits and pieces from their book (keep your fingers crossed!).

Oh, and before I forget - Emily and Karen did share a secret with us: they are in the process of writing a 3rd Picture-Perfect Science Lessons book! What do you think the title will be? It has to involve Picture-Perfect in the title! :D

I look forward to sharing new ideas with you that I discover through Science Matters. Stay tuned - it's gonna be grrrreat!

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