Monday, April 18, 2011

Math Monday Blog Hop - Math Vocabulary

I really enjoyed sharing (and reading!) an idea for love2learn2day's Math Monday Blog Hop, so I decided to post for week #2.

As some of you know, I have been teaching for 3 years and of those 3 years, I have changed grade levels every year (4th, 2nd, and now 3rd - I'm crossing my fingers that I will stay in 3rd grade next year!). This year, I was moved to a new school and I finally feel as though I have made some progress at becoming a better teacher instead of showing up to work everyday without a clue as to what's going on (please don't judge me!).

At my school, our principal is huge on word walls, so I decided to take it a step further and create a vocabulary wall for our Everyday Math series. When I made the cards, I decided to include the mastered vocabulary as well as new vocabulary. Please keep in mind that this is only a few units of Everyday Math. If anyone else out there teaches EDM, you know that they have lots of vocabulary in each unit and they use vocabulary that is not used by the state. For example: EDM calls a "number sentence" a "number model," so I have to explain both terms to students so when they take the standardized test, they understand what the test is asking for.

This is the first time I am posting a document, so please be patient with me and if it doesn't work, please drop me a comment so I can fix it! I'll be adding more vocabulary cards to the set, so be sure to stop by from time to time to check out updates!

Math Vocab Cards

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  1. How did you make this? This is fantastic!!

  2. I made them in Microsoft Publisher. I used some clip art that I had bought and the rest I just used the tools in publisher. There are a few cards that need to be colored in like the 1/3 on page 8 because I had to piece that circle together and couldn't figure out how to fill in just a third. I'll be working on adding more cards this summer, so keep a lookout for them! :D

  3. Awesome! Thank you so much!!