Sunday, April 24, 2011

Google Documents Help - Please!

I'm sure a few of you have read my last post about the Math Vocabulary Cards and noticed there were no vocab. cards! Here is the tale of how painful it was to get the vocabulary cards posted to my blog:

First, I tried using Google Documents to upload the files. Well, I figured out that you can't upload a Publisher file, so I went to school and converted it to a PDF. I came home, tried to upload the PDF onto Google Docs. and it wouldn't work! You should have seen me Saturday morning, trying to upload this thing - it wasn't pretty. My husband came into the office and told me it was too early to be this upset (it was 6:45 - I hate to say it, but he was right). It didn't matter, I was bound and determined to get this PDF to upload and share on my blog. I searched Google for articles that would help me figure out how to upload a PDF and the only thing I could find was a few articles that told me you can't upload PDFs on Google Docs.

Now, here I am stuck and I still don't know how PDFs on Google Docs work. I know this can't be right because I have visited countless other teacher blogs and they have (what have to be) PDF files uploaded with Google Docs. on their blog (I figure they have to be PDFs since we don't all have the same fonts or clipart saved on our computers)! I've even tried downloading files that I think are PDFs and used the 'Download Original' tab to see if I could figure out if the original posting was a PDF or not. So far - no luck!

I am now asking you, dear followers to help me with Google Docs. if you have any knowledge on how to upload a PDF with Google Docs. onto your blog, please drop me a comment. I would greatly appreciate your help. Until then, I have decided to use Scribd. A special thank you to those who have been willing to read my babbling frustration!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I feel soooo bad for you. I just hit upload and my pdf files upload no problem! I have a pc. Do you have a MAC? It is when I go to embed them I have problems, so if I want the whole document, I used Scribd. I am also always in google. Are you trying to upload from another webbrowser? Sorry I couldn't help you. That's the extent of my knowledge. Good luck. I hope someone else can help!

  2. I don't have problems uploading PDF files to Google Docs either--I'm also wondering if the problem has to do with the web browser or type of computer you are using...Have you tried using a different web browser?

  3. I do use a Mac and with that I use Safari or Firefox, but my husband uses a PC and I even tried his PC. This is just too weird! I finally uploaded the vocab. cards using scribd - so I guess I will continue to use it until I figure out Google Docs! Thanks ladies for the support! :D

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